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alright so for the last few years i've been playing and spending too much on gacha games and really should stop playing them. Now, here's the plan: I am terrible at updating my blogs, so I'm hoping that by attaching Work to the act of playing gacha I will stop playing them. Or, failing that, I'll at least have some regular activity on my website. the stuff on these pages might as well be the impenetrable ramblings of someone talking about their soap operas, just ignore them.

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how to get an android emulator working on a linux machine and playing games, current as of november 2023

Active Logs

Fate/Grand Order
Another Eden


Taimanin GoGo!
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
Limbus Company
Honkai Star Rail
World Flipper
Blue Reflection Sun
Mahjong Soul
Granblue Fantasy
Touhou Lostword
Disgaea RPG
Azur Lane
Genshin Impact
Girls Frontline
Blue Archive
Everybody's Golf
Pokemon Masters EX
Kingdom Hearts Union X
Fire Emblem Heroes
SMT Liberation DX2