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I want to learn how to make an omelette

i don't know what you were expecting here. i want to learn how to make an omelette, so i'm writing down how that's going.

attempt 9 (2024-01-14)

I tried going low and slow again and then forgot what's supposed to happen when I see curds start forming, so I gave up, turned the heat to medium high, and cooked the rest of the egg by rolling it around the sides. I also forgot to spray the pan first.

attempt 8 (2023-12-30)

I remembered to heat up the pan this time but I couldn't find a plastic fork so I used chopsticks. The omelette started setting a bit faster than I would've liked so I ran into the same problem where I was washing out the bowl I put the eggs in instead of immediately setting to stirring the eggs and shaking the pan. Putting the various spices on after the cooking instead of before meant that the omelette didn't have that problem where it started looking green. I'm still not sure how those videos gets that uniform look to the eggs. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. (note: i did not try again tomorrow)

attempt 7 (2023-12-28)

I tried using the low medium setting instead of the high medium setting and didn't heat up the pan first, and also put in way too many Italian herbs. The top ended up a bit more runny than I'd hope. I'll try remembering to heat up the pan next time.

attempt 6 (2023-12-28)

I read up on how people make French-style omelettes and tried that this morning. I overcooked it, which you can see from the browning on it, but it's also the most evenly-cooked one I've had so far. I'll keep trying it this way, I think.

attempt 5 (2023-12-27)

I tried cooking a bit more of the top of the omelette, but left some runny yolk up top to give it some more variety. The way I look at it, I think of the omelette as being kind of like a pancake and the yolk functions as a kind of sauce. Pancakes are usually better with syrup, so an omelette should be better with some yolk. Also if I go and make toast I can put the yolk on that and eat it that way too. Give myself an option select while eating food. Rationalizations and cope aside, I think I did prefer this omelette with a bit of runny egg to the one I made last night. Maybe it's the bits comparing the pieces to other foods above, maybe it's just that I'm not overcooking the bottom of the omelette as much. I can't really say yet, I'm just making guesses.

As an aside, I've been doing a bit better since I started making these omelettes in the morning for myself. I've been getting more writing in and I've been engaging in some of my hobbies besides just playing gacha games. Maybe it's a matter of just getting something made in the morning, maybe it's a matter of interrupting the schedule, maybe it's that fresh food is just better. Whatever it is I hope it keeps up.

attempt 4 (2023-12-26):

the family showed me how they made omelettes to get the top part to be less runny while I was with them during Christmas, involving rotating the pan to get the egg batter to go under the edges. I tried it this time and it's more cooked, but I'm not sure the end result tastes better. I might want there to be a bit more runny yolk in it to give it a bit more texture while eating it.

attempt 3 (2023-12-24):

I cracked a little bit too much pepper into it. It was fine. I used three eggs instead of two since I went and bought more last night, hoping this would make a heartier omelette. The egg fell apart when I folded it over, might be a sign I waited too long to do that. I tried cooking on medium heat instead of low, though I forgot to spray the pan with some oil or butter first. I realized my mistake right after pouring the eggs in, and figured I'd need to cook it a little bit longer to compensate.

Attempt 2: I turned down the heat a bunch and sprayed the pan with olive oil first. I used less salt and a decent bit of cracked pepper. I poked at the edges with a spatula until it looked like I could fold it over, and then did that after sprinkling some cheese on top. I probably should’ve turned it to a higher heat to cook the interior a bit more. It turned out a bit messy, but it looked like an omelette.

That's much better. It looks like an omelette and eating it doesn't make me hate food. An excellent starting point. I will update this page with more omelettes as I make them.

Attempt 1: I read that omelettes often have spices in them, so I put in a bit of salt, a bit of pepper, and a shake of garam masala that was perhaps too much. I cooked it on high heat in a pan that was too large and quickly realized these were both mistakes. I ended up with scrambled eggs that were cooked unevenly, and which were too salty. I went and actually read the recipe afterward and saw it telling me all the things I was noticing went wrong were wrong. Next time I will try spraying the pan with oil first, cook it on lower heat, and add less salt to it. I was trying to get too complicated with it too fast.