discord caught wise to using it as a filehost and announced they'll make hotlinking stop working by the end of the year, so i've gone and ripped the audio links off the pages


moved fgo back into the active gachas list because it turns out that leaving the place you hang out with all your friends with nothing to replace it just sucks and means you don't do anything


moved fate/grand order from my active gacha logs to my dropped logs. it's not that the game has stopped being fun or that i don't want to keep playing it-- I do, and that's the problem. the game is bad for me and cutting it and my gacha friends out of my life should be a net positive, even if it does mean i don't have any friends to talk to for a while again


decided to change up the formatting on updates going forward to separate the date and the content out like this, since I think adding br tags inside of the p tag defeats the point of the visual separation that i was doing in the first place.

2023-06-16: today i thought to myself "i think i will go and learn how to add javascript to a page. how hard could it be? all i want to do is automatically show when a linked page was last edited. it should be as simple as just retrieving the html file's metadata and then plopping it onto the page. operating systems and file browsers do this all the time. it should be easy!" (it was not easy). google search and stack overflow had the unhelpful answers of 'just use document.getLastModified on the page' (i am not on that page) and 'why would you want that? most pages these days don't work like that' (well, these ones do), and the unhelpful "here's how you do it from the user side" (i need to do it with javascript). so, because i have apparently vastly overestimated the capabilities of base javascript without the adddition of some heavy framework and don't think that adding some kind of server and server-side scripting language for a few lines of text on the main page makes sense, i have opted to not add a last modified piece of text to the index page. i might add the document.getLastModified script to the top of the LP pages going forward.

2023-06-13: updated the street fighter 6 page, changed the CSS formatting on tables and iframes

2023-06-11: decided to section off street fighter 6 talk onto its own page and started recording my online matches for that.

2023-05-30: stole a trick I saw on murumart's Greg RPG page of hosting .ogg files on Discord to put music on a page since MIDI support is busted, and added the town theme from Barkley 2 as the main theme of the site. after all there's not many vidcons more mysterious or underreported than the unreleased, unfinished masterpiece of Tales of Game's about a young vidcon-obsessed B-baller on an alien planet set thousands of years after the Chaos Dunks

2023-05-29: updated the sword and fairy 7 playthrough with chapter 4. I mentioned it over in the general game log but I'm trying my older approach of recording the game and then picking out the screenshots from the footage. this has resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of screenshots on the page, since I'm not just grabbing them at random while I play. i do not know if this is better, but it is a lot more meticulous now.

2023-05-22: updated the fear and hunger 2 log. been steadily updating the gacha logs, though there's not much happening in any of the ones I'm playing right now. I've also been updating the general game log, though I haven't been getting much done. I've got the start of a Brandish 2 page and a Minstrel Song log ready, but I'd like to have at least an hour of playtime in both of those before I add them to the ongoing game list.

2023-05-15: updated the play log and my gacha logs, changed the CSS in the p tags to be a light grey (#cccccc for now) because the old bright green color (#00ff00) was giving me eyestrain when I was trying to read it, so I changed it to white and then just went down in color intensity until it stopped hurting my eyes to read in long stretches. this change also brings the aesthetic more in line with the look of dragon quest's text boxes.

2023-05-14: was thinking about dragon quest 7 again so I went and uploaded all the screenshots I took when I was LPing it for a couple of my friends a few months ago. got tired of the construction paper and cardboard look so I changed the CSS to have more of an FF7 or 1970s computer science lecture sort of look. Also went and listed out all the gachas I remember trying and dropping over on the main gacha page. not making separate pages for all of them since I dropped them months before I made this site, but it's just there to note how many I've given a shot.

2023-05-13: updated the gacha logs. tried adding midi to the site but it seems like midi support's been killed and the first result on stackexchange to try and enable playing midis with javascript has a crypto miner embedded in it, and the other two didn't work when I tested them. also it looks like the site's crossed a thousand views, which is cool since I have terrible SEO and no content.

2023-05-11: changed the p tags to display with inline-block instead of block and added borders to them to make it look more like a JRPG text box. it makes the pages more fucked up to read in a way that I like looking at.

2023-05-08: played some more fear and hunger: termina, and tidied up the page a bit to use proper capitalization and otherwise gussy it up so that it reads a bit less chatroom casual. I edit the CSS so that there's a bit more clear visual separation between elements because I was having trouble telling the parts of my long text posts apart at a glance.

2023-05-07: updated the general game log, made a page for documenting my fear and hunger 2 runs.

2023-05-05: continued rambling about gacha games, dropped volcano princess, added a more general 'what i'm looking at' log that i'll probably use to write about all the games i'm not actively LPing. try and strike more of a balance between presentation and trying to get what the game's going for.

2023-04-30: added some mad ramblings about gacha games to make it extra clear what i'm doing when i'm not updating my LPs

2023-04-23: started playing volcano princess

2023-04-16: played some more sword of kumdor, changed the CSS to use some paper textures instead.

2023-04-15: played a bit more sword of kumdor, added some of the OST

2023-04-14: tweaked the css to make it look more garish, updated the page on image formats, started the page for sword of kumdor with updates through Rtyu, successfully managed to not misspell sword of kumdor as sword of kudmor, added the update log, added some credits.