Hello, I'm Schir, a rando who posts online. I started this site thinking I'd get back into making SA-style screenshot LPs of obscure games I didn't know much about, but it hasn't quite panned out that way. I mostly write fragments of thoughts about the video games I'm playing, how they seem to me, what seems neat in summary fashion, though I'm trying to branch out into other things since a formative memory for me was reading someone's Tamagotchi fanpage and then clicking over a few pages and seeing them complain about their apartment. I'm probably going to end up shooting for the mundane here. The sort of stuff that barely seems worth a thought compared to the more exciting pursuits, but which takes up a lot of time in the long-run.

pages that are updated more frequently

daily beni-enma drawing
gacha diaries
general log of what games i'm trying out and dropping within an hour today
i want to learn how to make an omelette
writing about computers while I try and switch careers to IT or programming or gamedev or something
trying to get back into making games

pages that are updated less frequently

various screenshot LPs
comparing the sizes of various image formats
i need to read more for work and posting about books is as good an excuse as any
art space
writing about RPG Maker games
Update Log